Lavender Oils

The state of health of each Chakra directly affects the physical body. Each major Chakra is associated with important organs within the physical body, relating to the body’s health and well being.

Healthy Chakras are referred to as “clear” and “balanced”. They help us to maintain our sense of harmony and clear direction in life. We are dependent on free-flowing and unblocked energy through our bodies to remain healthy.

When we are stressed, worried, or unhappy, or live in doubt or fear, even a little bit, we can disturb the free flowing energy and the body will eventually carry this burden.

When a Chakra is blocked, clogged or out of balance, it affects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. That is why it is so important to change our thought processes and make shifts in our lifestyle. It is then through the result of these changes that we are healing the Chakras and truly transforming our energy flow and our lives.

Chakra synergistic blend of essential oils helps to activate, clear and align the chakras of the body. This blend assists to clear blockages so that energy can flow freely from Divine Source through our entire being and body. It brings harmony and synergy to the inner self, thus allowing one to be at peace with the outside world.

Chakra Essential Oil
Root Ylang Ylang Security & Awaken
Sacral Orange Creativity & Confidence
Solar Plexus Lavender Comfort & Compassion
Heart Myrrh Courage & Peace
Throat Spikenard Forgiveness & Resolution
3rd Eye Frankincense Enlightenment & Truth
Crown Rosewood Wisdom & Bliss

Chakra Oil is blended in a carrier base of Sweet Almond oil

Chakra Oil is “Ready to Use” for massage or in a warm bath (add a cap-full to the bathwater). Enjoy!

Not tested on our furry friends. Just the two-legged variety we call close friends.


60ml $8
120ml $15
240ml $20